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Digital transformation is not about digitalization, it’s about the transformation!

Kiebler&Partners is a network of independent specialists to guide and support if you are about to go on a journey of Digital Transformation. We have expert competence within all areas needed as well as a team of senior advisors. To be able to have your enterprise responding quickly, with real time data, you need both your organization and the information backbone to be agile. For many that information backbone and heart of all transactions is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. If you are about to move into a cloud-based platform it requires a new kind of competence. The journey leads you from a world of old legacy with tailormade systems to standard platforms in an eco-system of different features and other ways of solving old problems. We offer a pragmatic approach with a perfect mix of specialist competence and adapt our ways of working to your company culture. Change is the lead word for these journeys, and we will: challenge old truths, communicate and coach to increase employee engagement and make sure you get a safe journey.

Our Readiness Concept is a differentiator focusing on the transformation and getting the organization’s infrastructure with people, processes, roles as well as the structure with for example project structure and master data in place.

ilona Kiebler: Strategic Advisor/Program Management

Founder of Kiebler & Partners AB

Senior project and program manager with extensive international experience from Digital Transformations and implementation of larger IT support systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Warehouse Management Systems. She is strong in communication and change management and believes in a ”tough love” approach. Language spoken: English, German, Swedish. ilona is also highly appreciated as an advisor for management teams and boards.

ilona started the Kiebler&Partners network to gather specialist competences needed to support Digital Transformation. All the consultants adapt to the clients culture and have a “both feet on the ground” way of working.

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