Get Ready Analysis

Great, are you ready for some tough love consulting?

Avoid common pitfalls

We have seen several reports stating that an Enterpriser Resource Planning system implementation can be one of the most expensive mistakes an organization can make.

According to Gartner, as many as over 75% fail with their ERP implementations. McKinsey estimates that more than 70% of all digital transformations fail. Our concept is based on: if we now know what the biggest risks are, shouldn’t we do everything to avoid them?

If we do an analysis where we check the situation with these known risk areas before we start, then we have a reasonable chance of mitigating them, dampening the effect and increasing the success factor for all projects.

How ready is your organisation?

Can you confidently answer ”YES” to these questions?

  • Are the project’s goals and scope documented?
  • Are all project roles defined and filled?
  • Does everyone in the team have the right skills and motivation for the task?
  • Are business processes and system integrations documented?
  • Is all master data available and of good quality?

In order to succeed with the project, these types of questions should be resolved before the project starts. We therefore always recommend our customers to start with a Get Ready Analysis.

Having a Kiebler&Partners Get Ready analysis before project start gives you:

We would like to do it ourselves

If you have a good team, the right tools and most important a roadmap to lead you, you can absolutely do it.

We would like a team of experts to help us

The road will be bumpy no matter what BUT our team, who has done this many times before, will ensure a safe journey.